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since 2009 officially retired after China's long run women's world champion Sun Yingjie gorgeous. Now she became a mother, the boss of the long run club and a "Sun teacher". For six years, the Beijing marathon Road, which witnessed Sun Yingjie's growth, will appear again.

"can not be said to be a comeback, this is to run the identity and. I used to be based on (pursuit), and now I'm in the elite group and the number book is a relatively back number. " Less than four days after the start of the game, Sun Yingjie had a face-to-face communication with sina sports.
More than ten years of
's career has brought Sun Yingjie's honor and achievements, and it has also set off the storm and controversy. After retiring, she finally returned to the old line. Last year, named after her Sun Yingjie running club was founded in Beijing: "especially when they love running, because the body is not very good, after running, sweating, eating and sleeping are fragrant; later entering the professional team, is to run for the country, the national honor, shoulder more responsibility; after retirement, do a lot of other work, but are not suitable for me, I still cannot do without running."

this year ushered in the 35th anniversary birthday of the horses in the north, is no stranger to the track and field general, even can say it all the way to witness the growth of Sun Yingjie, "from 96 to 08 years, I participated in the annual North horse." At that time, she had just entered the professional team. Although the training level was outstanding, she didn't get a lot of eye-catching results because of lack of experience. "The most impressive impression is in the first two years. I ran the last and the last second. The best result of my North horse is 2 hours, 19 minutes and 38 seconds! This time I want to take 320 (3 hours and 20 minutes) with the members of the club. "

is no longer a short lean midfielder appearance in front of the camera, she wears her hair in a long ponytail, smile more, also a kind of call: "teacher sun".

"now running very popular, can be said to be running passenger tide, but the project is not only the most simple is the highest technical content. So the responsibility is very big. As a teacher, we should teach you scientific and professional knowledge, and lead you to the right way to run. I have learned a dozen years of Chinese medicine and a few years of anatomy, according to the structure of the human body, joint ligaments, injuries to restore... I still have confidence in myself. Sun Yingjie revealed that the members of the club are currently in a wide range of ages, the youngest, the oldest, and the oldest, 75 years old.
In the face of different runners,
has a different teaching method.

, such as a "zero base" crowd, may not even run 100 meters. Such people will be afraid of running. Actually, running is not terrible at all. As long as we use good technology and allocate their own volume,

Data map.
has many ways to go home from Hainan to Chaozhou, but Lai Wenbing, a post-90s boy from Chaozhou, chose the most original one -- running. In September 12th this year, he started from Hainan to Sanya, via Zhanjiang and across Guangdong, and returned to Chaozhou on the morning of October 15th, the entire 1300 km, the actual running time of 30 days. During the 30 days, Lai Wenbing broke two pairs of shoes and cried three times, spending about 8000 yuan in the entire journey. He had been a "alien" in his family's eyes, and a family did not dare to return half a year, but he dreamed of running all over China.
Lai Wenbing is in Zhanjiang.
run 31 marathons 3 times tears

at 8 o'clock in the morning of October 15th, Lai Wenbing completed the final stop of the challenge: from Jiexi, after running 100 kilometers, he arrived at the terminal of Chaozhou people's Square. In the applause and cheers of the relatives and friends, Lai Wenbing, who could not restrain his heart, was tearful.

Sanya, Zhanjiang, Yangjiang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanwei, Jieyang, Chaozhou... In 30 days, Lai Wenbing was in 24 places and county-level cities in two provinces of Hainan and Guangdong, leaving the footsteps of running.
The day of the
interview, Chaozhou coincided with the rain. Lai Wenbing was wearing a long run suit with the words "running China", when he led a reporter down to the district to lead the reporter. Like many runners, Lai Wenbing heishou figure with a shank.

Lai Wenbing was very talkative, especially when he talked about the experience of the long distance race. Two years ago, after reading a book "ten years on foot in China", he sprouted the idea of running all over China. And from then on, he began to prepare for the long run from Sanya to Chaozhou.
Lai Wenbing takes pictures every place.
from the beginning of September 12th this year, Lai Wenbing in Hainan Sanya stepped out of the "first home", went to the north from the southern tip of Hainan Island for 6 days, then take a ferry from Haikou to Guangdong city in Zhanjiang Province, opened the second phase from Guangdong across the entire Guangdong province Marathon challenge.

is running for 30 days because of a typhoon jogging in the middle of a few days. In the first 29 days, Lai Wenbing insisted on running a whole marathon for a day. He sets out at 6:30 in the morning and usually runs 42.195 kilometers before 11 a.m. At the end of his daily running, he will use the afternoon to feel the local customs. On the last day, Lai Wenbing ran 100 kilometers in one breath and ran back to the end of Chaozhou from Jiexi. Here, in 30 days, Lai Bing Wen ran for 31 marathons.

this 1300 kilometers of alternative long-distance running, Lai Wenbing runs a total of two pairs of shoes, accommodation and catering cost more than 8000 yuan, and had three times in tears. In addition to the end to the end of the end to the end of the tears of excitement, the other two tears are slightly bitter. "Once ran back to their way of exposed to the weather and difficult obstacles, he moved to tears.

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